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Mental Health

Adults with Mental Health Needs

Personalised support for every individual. We all value our independence but sometimes a short long-term mental health condition can make it more challenging to live independently . In these circumstances, Elite Domiciliary Care support can make a real difference to your life and well-being.

Together, we look at ways we can support you, then help you make the choices that give you control over your life and your mental health. If your needs change, we’ll adapt our home support to meet your new circumstances.

Our support workers can assist with tasks that might be finding difficult or challenging, such as personal care, cleaning, cooking. We can also support you take part in activities that will benefit your general well-being, such as meeting family and friends, sports or leisure, working full or part-time, volunteering, or continuing your education. We can also provide more complex care support, including managing medication and rehabilitative support at home after a hospital stay or a period of poor health. For your own safety reassurance, and that of your family and other people close to you, our support workers are trained and experienced in managing challenging behaviour.