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Learning Disabilities

Learning Disability (Adults)

your choice for the life you want

At Elite Domiciliary Care, we want the people we work with to live their lives their own way and to realise their potential, whatever their impairment or disability. You don’t have to live your life any differently because you need a little extra help. What we want is to make your life easier, supporting you to do the basic tasks of daily life,so you can focus on the big things.

We are commited to enpowering individuals with Learning Disabilities by enabling them to develop daily living skills and relationships as well as by increasing their confidence. Our step-down models make it possible for people to transaction through the different levels of service we offer towards increased independence

Through individually tailored packages of care and support,Services Users can build the skills required to move from residential care to supported living and,eventually, to their own flat, here they can be supported by our Domiciliary services

We will talk to you, your family or other people important to you, decide on the best way we can help and create a support plan that fits you and your life exactly. Our Care Support workers can help you with everyday tasks, like getting up, washing and personal hygiene and bedtime routines. We can also help with things like shopping, making a meal , laundry and cleaning.

We believe that being involved in your local community contributes to your general health and well-being , so we can support you to do this in ways including accompanying you to attend religious services or social events, taking part in activities you’re intrested in, meeting family and friends, or staying touch via letter or email, or collecting prescriptions.

We can also help you to manage your medication routine, look after your money and help you get used to being at home again after you been in hospital. Our services are designed to be as individual as you are, from short term support following an illness or stay in hospital, to long-term support for as long as you need

What is available?

This services aims to help people with learning disabilities to live as independently as possible and involve them in making decisions and choices. This service is organised through our learning Disabilities Team and helps people with learning disabilities with the following:

    • Personal Care(washing,dressing,toileting)
    • Choosing what to wear and getting dressed
    • Laundry(loading the washing machine, dry cleaning)
    • Eating,drinking and preparing meals
    • Shopping
    • Finance and paying bills
    • Medication
    • Attending appointments
    • Getting out and about